Sip….swallow…..look……reflect.    With coffee cup in hand and our townhouse lights off, I witness dawn emerge over the Willamette River.  From our home, wedged between a busy boulevard of car, truck, and bike traffic, and this phenomenal water artery that meanders to the majestic Columbia, I greet the day.   An occasional hummingbird joins me on the deck. This scene, no matter how repetitious or season of the year, it is my favorite time of the day. The solitude, quiet, and beauty never get old.

This is my time to reflect, ponder, and mediate. Basically there is minimal structure; some reading, occasional haiku writing (mental), local newspaper scanning and deliberate/thoughtful planning or solving as needed.  Mostly, it is the time I set the stage for my day. I select a word or phrase that serves as prompt/guide for actions and thoughtfulness. This serves for interaction with others, observation of the miniscule as well as the grandeur and personal mindfulness.  I believe words matter. There is nothing magical about this thoughtful gift I give myself. It is my timshel approach to the day, as well as a means to not get overwhelmed by life’s bug-spit.

Thanks for passing the word about this blog.  I plan to post 1-2 times a week. Do consider bookmarking it for easy accessibility. Check out the Athletic Mind Attitude tab and an article in the Sharing section that is an in-depth look at the water situation/history of the San Juaquin Valley in California.

*Thanks to Carol Vernon for sharing it with me.



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