The warrior is weary,

his eyes are growing old,

armor rust seeps into his



and soul.

damsels no longer beckon,

windmill dragons slain,

all wrongs righted ,

everyone knew his name.

the knight is now vapor,

fog embracing this old soul,

dreams from his past whisper….

“it’s time to let go.”

and he does.


Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 11.07.53 PM  

2 thoughts on “Weary”

  1. Monty, this is a very beautiful piece and painful too. Without going too much into god or other perspectives, I love the peace (from the words) suggesting that the warrior’s work is done, but can I add…that doesn’t mean there aren’t other shores to explore.

    You always inspire…


  2. This is such a beautiful and moving poem Monty. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful gift of allowing the space to consider one’s choices in life.
    I was inspired to make a recording of this poem and create new music to accompany the reading. I will send it to you later today.
    Warm wishes,


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