Turn away from the news
walk outside
where the moon hangs vigil
where the stars pray.
Re-enter the bright orange door of your home
kiss your husband
who is watching the news
kiss him again
where his hair is turning gray.
Do not want anything in return.
Walk with soft eyes
from the living room to the small kitchen
remember all the days living in the walls
open the right kitchen cupboard above the stove
see a flower field of post-it notes there
on the inside of a cupboard door.
I love you.
Have a beautiful day.
Look out the kitchen window
at the hummingbird feeder hanging in the black night
at the pear tree’s silhouette
at the child’s wet, green slide.
Know you are in the right place.
Walk back past your husband and the news
past the family photos on the hallway wall
to your son’s closed bedroom door.
Remember all the hard hours
when he was a pen stroke on a long list
of girls’ and boys’ names
you kept in your back pocket.
Open the door quietly and listen
for the soft wind of his breathing
make your way to him in the dark.
Lower yourself onto his bed
sit vigil by his side
pray to the light of him.
-Dawn Thompson, November 2016

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