Monty Cartwright and wife Juliana live along the Willamette River in the John’s Landing neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.  They have three daughters (Dawn, Dyan, Michelle), three son-in-law’s (Theo, Cole, Eric), and six grandchildren (Jem, Mason, Carsten, Jack, Rowan, Micha).  Monty is a retired emeritus professor, administrator , and coach at Southern Oregon University, published author, and master track All-American. Dr. Juliana Cartwright is a research educator in the school of Nursing at Oregon Health Science University, runner, cyclist, and gardener.

Scott Wittenberg, a professional musician, educator, and website  (blog) expert,  has partnered with Monty to produce this blog.

Aunt Julie and Uccle Monty Picture. 3.5.2017

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